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Finally the wait is over... Get access now to The Shoulder Guy's shoulder pain smashing system 'ShoulderRehabSecrets®'.  Join today and get personal coaching, access to expert shoulder health advice, education and exercise strategies all designed to help solve your shoulder pain fast. 
Learn the proven success strategies for building your shoulder strong...
Get instant access to all of my training, exercise videos, personalised 'one on one' coaching and exclusive ShoulderRehabSecrets® community where myself and other members will support you through your journey towards a better shoulder and a greater life.
Get direct access to my expertise and our inspirational community...
When you join the ShoulderRehabSecrets® community you'll get direct access to me, Luke Van Every aka The Shoulder Guy and (probably even more importantly) a supportive community that will help you every step of the way. We are all here for one thing - a better shoulder for a greater life. Solve your shoulder pain faster with insider strategies, tips and tricks shared by community members and experts inside our exclusive forum.
3 BIG benefits over traditional physiotherapy:
+ You're not alone - the power of being part of a group is often underestimated and not the reason most join but it's definitely a big reason why most stay.  

+ It's on demand - life is not a series of 1/2 hr appointment blocks... you choose the time and place and your level of engagement with me, your training and the community. 

+ Guaranteed access to best practice -  no more 'hit and miss' physiotherapy... you're guaranteed to get access to world's best shoulder physio practice with every login. 
What you'll get when you join
Instant Access to High-value Training
There are many training options inside the membership - you will have the flexibility to access the module best suited to your specific shoulder problem, situation or personal goal.

For example, if you've just had shoulder surgery to stabilise your shoulder via a labral repair then this video example would be of great benefit to you towards the latter stages of your rehabilitation to maximise your strength, stability and rate of force development for a safer return to sport. This training video would be found inside the Surviving Shoulder Surgery training module...

Additional training modules inside the membership include 'Swim Fit Shoulders', 'Gym Fit Shoulder's' & 'Frozen Shoulder Freedom' as well as the main training module 'Shoulder Rehab Secrets' for those looking to solve their shoulder pain fast. 

Live Group Coaching Streaming Sessions
Twice a month we conduct a 'live' group coaching session where you can attend and ask questions and get answers. Best part is, if you cannot make it to the call you simply submit your questions in advance. Every call is recorded, so you'll always have the recordings available.

Change brings questions, doubts and fears and ultimately a break through. These live calls are essential to keep you motivated, taking effective action and clear about what you want to achieve. 

BONUS - If you prefer to read over watching videos then you'll be happy to learn all calls are transcribed and available via audio.

Help & Support inside a private community forum
You've heard the saying "it takes a village to raise a child"? Well it's my sincere hope being a member of the ShoulderRehabSecrets® community not only helps you build your shoulder strong but also helps build a better you. 

This community's main goal is to support and empower you to transform your shoulder health... but equally I see potential opportunities for broader and deeper connections to enhance your personal growth through content and discussions on general health and wellbeing, strength and conditioning, sports performance, human potential and spirituality. 
Private Coaching with Luke Van Every
As part of your membership you'll get personal and private access to me.

Like you, I am a unique individual with broad life experience across health, hospitality, online marketing and business generally. I'm a 15 year shoulder physiotherapy veteran, still practising. But best of all I'm a happily married family man. 

I'm here to make a difference in your life with a NO B.S. approach to delivering evidence based shoulder physiotherapy advice, education and movement based pain proofing strategies.

Here is how the private coaching works:

Once a member, you'll get access to a private discussion room. Only you and I can see these discussions, they are completely confidential. I'll help answer your biggest questions regarding your specific shoulder problem and point you in the right direction so you can make a better health decision. 

Coaching is not only about providing professional expert advice and exercise strategies. It's also about motivating and supporting you in a shared decision making process to deliver maximum impact to your shoulder health in the shortest possible time. 
John Smith
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ShoulderRehabSecrets® is for you if you have ever asked yourself, a friend, physio or doctor the following questions...
  • Why does my shoulder hurt?
  • Does my shoulder pain equal damage?
  • Do I need surgery to fix this?
  • Should I stop what I am doing?
  • Do I need an injection?
  • Will physiotherapy help?
  • What can I do about it?
  • How does my lifestyle, diet, exercise and emotional stress affect my body?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions AND secretly feel vulnerable and sick & tired of your nagging painful shoulder... this online community is for you!
Helping you get results faster
Most patients just want less shoulder pain. But it's not the only primary success driver.

For some, it's pain relief and increased confidence in their bodies capacity to handle the rigours of a physical life. For others, it might pain relief but also to feel supported around making an informed shoulder health decision around treatment options, for example, living with an osteoarthritic shoulder.

Improved sports performance and shoulder strength are also popular goals for many of my patients.

A famous pain guru Louis Gifford once said "Effective reassurance is a bloody good pain killer". Just knowing you can be sore but safe allows many patients the emotional and mental freedom to positively reframe their shoulder pain and get on with their lives. 

Whatever your goal. Whatever your biggest or most frustrating challenge...

Simply post your questions in the community forum or private coaching area.

Below are some popular patient questions asked during consultations:
  • What can I do right now to get shoulder pain relief?
  • How do I prevent a recurrence of my shoulder pain?
  • I'm 6 weeks post surgery and my shoulder is still sore. Have I done something wrong?
  • How long will my recovery take?
  • My shoulder pain moves is this normal?
  • My ultrasound says I have a rotator cuff tear. Do I need surgery?
  • My shoulder feels great. Where to now?
Join other like minded members...
John Smith
"Insert Testimonial Here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam semper purus eu mi blandit ullamcorper."
John Smith
"Insert Testimonial Here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam semper purus eu mi blandit ullamcorper."
John Smith
"Insert Testimonial Here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam semper purus eu mi blandit ullamcorper."
Get instant access to my expertise and all the resources you'll need to take the guesswork out of solving your shoulder pain and building your shoulder strong.
Please note 'new member' access to the membership is limited to keep the quality of coaching and support at the highest possible level. Your chance to join this intake will end in...
If you wish to fast track your shoulder pain relief and build your shoulder strong then be quick and join today to get started. Why wait till you're completely broken, get immediate access to all the content, training, forum community and my private coaching for a fraction of what it would cost you for just a single consultation. 
Initial consultations can cost you in excess of $150 USD for one time access to a health professional. And let's be honest, most health insurance rebates return you an absolute pittance.  

I personally pay $4628 AUD per year for private health insurance membership but still have to pay for access to doctors, dentists and physios. You won't have to pay anywhere near that to get ongoing expert shoulder health advice and exercise strategies to build your shoulder strong. 

Get membership access now for just $299 USD per year with affordable options for 6 monthly and monthly membership.
$99 USD
1st month
Then just $27 USD per month after
the first month
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months after that
$299 USD
Year 1
Then just $199 USD per year
Best Value!
★Important: When considering which membership option is right for you it might be helpful to remember research evidence suggests at least a 3 month graduated program is required for rotator cuff related tendon pain, most shoulder surgeries take at least 6 months to recover and it is not unusual for rehabilitation/recovery from some surgeries and conditions to take at least 12 to 18 months to maximise functional and strength gains. 

If you want to discuss what option is right for you please contact the shoulder help desk here
Please be aware the information contained within the ShoulderRehabSecrets® & ShoulderPhysioAcademy® membership websites is educational and general in nature and should not be taken as a specific shoulder diagnosis or medical advice. Each person's situation is unique. You should consult your own medical doctor or allied health professional before deciding upon what course of action is right for you and I give no warranty and accept no liability should you use this website or purchase a membership without consulting such above mentioned professionals. See full disclaimer above for more details.
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