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A 21st Century Professional Development Membership Exclusively Designed To Train Tomorrow's Shoulder Physiotherapists.
"Patient's nowadays want scientific explanations they can understand not just anecdotes and opinions... Discover the science behind a simple more transformative approach..."
Evidence Based Shoulder Physiotherapy 
"It not only takes a village to raise a child but also a great shoulder physiotherapist... Access the power of like minds inside our exclusive community forum..."
A Community Of Like Minded Professionals
"If you're looking for fast results then I'm looking to mentor a select few... Why reinvent the wheel, why go it alone. Tap into my 14 years of shoulder physiotherapy experience..." 
Private Coaching & Training From The Shoulder Guy
Learn how to take your Shoulder Physiotherapy to the next level by harnessing the power of first principles and universal laws. 
What is ShoulderPhysioAcademy®?
ShoulderPhysioAcademy® is an online shoulder physiotherapy membership designed to help you fast track your shoulder physio knowledge, skills and confidence.

It's my shoulder physiotherapy life's work, so to speak. 

After 14 yrs as a dedicated shoulder physiotherapist, I've drained the swamp and come to realise... "it's not all about the shoulder."  

I've tried, tested and developed a unique system for transforming people with shoulder pain into more confident, more active and more pain (free) tolerant human beings.

You've probably heard the saying "complex doesn't have to mean complicated"?  I'd have to agree. But don't think for one second 'simplicity' is easy. It's taken me years. Well over 10000 hours... and thousands of patients to get some 'clarity' around treating shoulders. 

YOU don't have to reinvent the wheel if you don't want to. 

ShoulderPhysioAcademy® delivers pragmatic, NO B.S. scientific shoulder physio know how... along with a healthy dose of personal clinical and life experience through online courses, monthly trainings and personal coaching. 
Who is Luke Van Every?
That's a tough question... But I guess my life's path was somewhat predetermined.  You see I was born on St Luke's day, 1971. St Luke "The Evangelist" is the patron saint of physicians and doctors and those undergoing surgery. 

I've studied business, trained as a hotelier, worked in the bauxite mines of Weipa, lived and worked in North America, studied applied science (exercise physiology) and come full circle back to serving and in some small way healing others through my shoulder physiotherapy practice in my home town of Brisbane. 

I have a knack for making the shoulder complex simple and I have a unique human touch which allows me to convey compassion and my expertise with care and conviction. 

As I have gotten a bit older, I've felt the need to share my knowledge with anyone who asks and am looking to mentor other physiotherapists in search of a less complicated approach to shoulders. 
How you will benefit from joining ShoulderPhysioAcademy®:
  • You'll get specific private & confidential shoulder physio advice for your patients.
  • You'll get ongoing professional accountability - someone to both motivate and monitor your progress.
  • You'll get access to simple exercise & educational videos specific to solving your shoulder pain problem.
  • You'll get access to our transformational and supportive ShoulderRehabSecrets community
  • You'll get access to an ever expanding knowledge base of shoulder health & wellbeing, diet & lifestyle content.
You'll get:
Private Coaching
With so much 'fake' shoulder health news out there, how do you know what's actually right for you? Access to private personalised No B.S. coaching from an experienced expert shoulder physiotherapist solves this problem. 
Specific Shoulder Pain Solutions
Shoulder pain changes your brain and makes you want to protect it from further damage. You'll need specific advice and exercise strategies to retrain your brain and build your shoulder strong. 
Collaborative Community
It's not all about the shoulder - different people bring all sorts of stories, experience and knowledge along their shoulder transformational journey. Why go it alone? Why reinvent the wheel? Why not collaborate and conquer? 
What makes the ShoulderPhysioAcademy community different from other health related communities?
Firstly, to the best of my knowledge there's nothing like this community out there in world right now. Yeh sure, you can download an ebook or online rotator cuff strengthening program but personalised online health has moved on... BIg Time! 

My practice patients want and expect more... you want and expect more.

ShoulderRehabSecrets® provides personalised shoulder health coaching, education, exercise and the opportunity for community collaboration. 

ShoulderPhysioAcademy® membership however,  is more than just exercises... it's a transformational experience. 

You will think differently after spending time inside this community. 

In saying that, nothing is ever forced upon you. 

If you want to expand your body and mind then you can...

If you just want to get in, do your daily program, watch a recorded 'live' training and then get out. You can.

Of course, I will be inside the community forum everyday, available to answer your posts, do some private coaching and help solve your shoulder pain problem fast.
The Academy is perfect for you if you want to discover how to:
  • Get rid of your shoulder pain fast...
  • Reduce overwhelm and do shoulder rehab the easy way...
  • Avoid the common shoulder rehab mistakes even most doctors don't know about...
  • Adjust your lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits for maximum success...
  • Remove the loneliness and isolation from your shoulder pain proofing journey...
  • Expand your health and wellness knowledge and build your personal power...
  • Build your shoulder strong so you'll never have to do this ever again.

If you've tried and failed or you're just about to embark on your shoulder pain problem solving journey then cut to the chase and register your interest in joining the No B.S. results focused ShoulderPhysioAcademy® community.
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