Hi, I'm Luke...
I am a father of three growing daughters and a husband to my dynamic and incredibly successful wife.
I am blessed.
I love learning, bush camping, 4WDing, working out, golfing with mates, playing my guitar and helping others. 

For over 15 years now, my alter ego aka "The Shoulder Guy" has been helping people just like you, solve their shoulder pain problem...
With the focus on results Not repeat visits.

My superpower now lies in my ability to turn the often complex world of shoulder pain into easily understood bite sized chunks.
So you can better understand why your shoulder hurts and how quickly you can put into action a simple effective plan to help solve your shoulder pain problem once and for all.

But you know, things for me were not always that easy...
Things Were Not Always That Way...
When I first started out, I really had no idea what I was doing.

I was always struggling to get any kind of consistent results for my patients using what I had been taught at University.

I tried a lot of different techniques… but nothing really resonated with me or my patients.
I attended shoulder courses and consulted the so called gurus.
But again, just more techniques...

I was frustrated, stuck and felt like giving up.

It really came to a head for me when I happened upon a patient on the street. The death stare this guy gave me I'll never forget. 
Fast Forward To Today...
Although it was a stab to the heart... I'm so glad I ran into him. 
Because he jolted me awake and sent me on a 10 year journey to the bottom of the swamp.  

I have now reframed how I looked at my patients. You are a human being not just a shoulder to be fixed. 
I've also ramped up my B.S. radar to better protect myself and you from the myths, misinformation and lies that are told to people everyday about their (shoulder) health.
It Feels Awesome!
Now, contrary to what you might be thinking, I did not get my breakthrough from reading more physiotherapy books or attending more shoulder seminars. 
No, it came from outside influences, from becoming a Dad.
I now think differently. You may not notice at first but soon you'll realise I'm interacting, communicating and coaching you in a unique, authentic and powerful way that brings the best out in me so you get the best out of yourself.
A more robust and resilient shoulder, sure...
But it's a better life for you, I'm really aiming for.
But don't take my word for it...
Here's What My Patients Say...
Adam Perks
Hi Luke, great meeting you yesterday.
You have given me a lot to work with from a very different viewpoint - most physiotherapists have just given me a generic rotator cuff solution.
Rebecca Richardson
Hi Luke

I've been meaning to write to let you know that my shoulder is going great! Your treatment and follow up video/book have been amazing and my shoulder has been pain free now for a couple of months!!

Allison Cullen
You are honestly the best therapist I have ever seen and the followup video is great too, needless to say I have already told 3 people about you in 24 hrs.

See you in a few weeks.

So where do you think we should go from here?
Is this shoulder problem a priority for you to solve?
Or is it something you're going to continue to live with?
I'm okay either way...
But, if you're serious about making a change and would be open to accepting some help from me then why not give yourself at least a chance to see if I'm the right person for you.
Just go below and choose the care pathway which best suits you.

Don't worry too much about getting it just right... just choose a care pathway which best fits your needs at this time e.g. surviving "rotator cuff repair" surgery.
You can always swap into a different stream once you're registered, we've had a chance to talk, establish your specific needs and your care pathway becomes crystal clear. 
After 30 days, if you're not happy or I'm not a good fit for you then you can always cancel anytime.  

If you'd like to talk to me personally about any concerns you may have before joining ShoulderRehabSecrets® then please contact me via email and we can set up a time on Zoom to talk. 

Wishing you every success,

What would you most like help with? 
I Want Some Advice, Education & Exercise
I need help finding out why my shoulder hurts and what I can do about it. My doctor has suggested I need a scan. I've heard having a rotator cuff tear does not always guarantee pain and there are risks with surgery. Do I need an injection? I am very concerned. Would should I do? I want some reassurance and expert guidance about doing what's best for me and my shoulder.
Surviving Shoulder Surgery
I need someone I trust to guide me through my post-op shoulder rehab. 
I'm not sure what to expect, I've heard some horror stories but I'm confident with the right advice and a specific physical therapy program to follow I can achieve a great result. I'm also considering the financial burden of at least 6 months of physical therapy could have on me and my family. 
Building My Shoulders Strong
I need help getting myself moving again but everytime I try, it hurts. I just love being active as it's a big part of who I am. I was told to rest but it hasn't helped any. I'm not sure if I'm doing damage? I just want to move effortlessly again with less pain. I want to feel stronger and more confident about doing everyday things. I'm motivated, but need help to achieve this. 
Please be aware the information contained within the ShoulderRehabSecrets® & ShoulderPhysioAcademy® membership websites is educational and general in nature and should not be taken as a specific shoulder diagnosis or medical advice. Each person's situation is unique. You should consult your own medical doctor or allied health professional before deciding upon what course of action is right for you and I give no warranty and accept no liability should you use this website or purchase a membership without consulting such above mentioned professionals. See full disclaimer above for more details.
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