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Get instant access to expert shoulder physiotherapy knowledge and know how from Luke Van Every aka The Shoulder Guy...  
Skip The Shoulder Physio Guessing Game & Get Real Patient Results Fast! 
You could do it the hard way and spend 15 years on your own like I did...
Or you could, for a small fee spend some time with me and skip years of frustration.  
Because You Don't Know What You Don't Know...
I'm going to keep things very simple for you.
There is nothing better than the experiential transformation of someone completely disabled by shoulder pain to a more confident and fearless human being, now thinking differently and moving effortlessly. 
Some even love you for it!
It's what gets me out of the bed each morning...  
You too I'm sure.
But somehow shoulder pain is different for many allied health professionals.
Why is that?
Why does the shoulder cause so much confusion, complexity, cold sweats, bullshit, brain fog, boring exercises, anxiety, opinion and pain?  
I suspect it all starts with the way we are all trained to think about ourselves and the shoulder.
I'd like to change that!
I totally agree with my colleague Jeremy Lewis' statement It's time to reframe how we care for people with non-traumatic shoulder pain".
So back to you, what's your approach to consulting a person complaining of shoulder pain?
Is it simple?
Is it honest?
Is it evidence based?
How do you explain their pain?
Do you consider natural history?
What questions do you ask?
Do you come as guest or expert? 
What myths & B.S. do you inadvertently propagate?
Do you get them to effortlessly, thoughtless and fearless motion quickly?
How's it working out for you?
It ain't easy.
The old confidence can sure take a beating sometimes. 
Damn you evidence!
Damn you shoulder pain!
You see, it's taken me literally 15 years and counting (I'm a slow learner) to integrate a huge volume of diverse information, evidence, experience and patient feedback. 
Why on earth would you try and do the same?
15 years is a bloody long time...
Why wouldn't you just ask someone, maybe even a colleague?
Even better, ask The Shoulder Guy
I don't bite. 
It just makes sense...
At $27/mth it makes perfect sense...
At $199 for a years access, it's a complete no brainer. 
Would You Like My Help to Make Shoulder Rehab Easy & More Fun?
What if, most of what you've been told about how to assess and treat the shoulder was wrong or at best uncertain?

I'd be like the "blind leading the blind" wouldn't it? 

Where would you go for guidance?
Truth be told you have plenty of options...
There you'll find plenty of wanna be gurus.
But I'm not here to be famous or start a revolution...
My mission is to simply help you get access to reliable, proven No B.S. information about shoulder physiotherapy best practice and thinking so you can make an impact in the world long after I'm gone. 
What you'll get
Instant access to high-value thinking...
Henry Ford circa 1928 said "Thinking is the hardest work there is". I think he's right. 
I try to utilise the concept of "thinking differently" everyday in my practice. 
I draw upon my mentors, my skill stack,  universal laws and ways of thinking to arrive at a unique way of engaging my shoulder pain patients. 
You too can access that, if you're looking to expand your thinking for greater personal and professional impact.  
Instant access to proven best practice and private coaching...
No use having the content without the context. That's why I have included the chance to get thousands of dollars of private 1:1 coaching from me completely FREE!  
Here's how it works...
When you join, you'll get access to a private discussion room only you and I can see. You can post a private question or dilemma at any time so together we can come up with questions and solutions to help you fast track your thinking, learning and results 100% in private. 
The chance to access new courses...
While you stay a member you'll have free access to all new course and video content I produce. Once it's completed I'll let you know in the members area.
It will be based on what you tell me you need most so it will be highly relevant and not just something extra to drain your brain.
On occasion, I'll create something I'm thinking about and want to get down which you might find interesting. 
Caitlin Smith
"Insert Testimonial Here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam semper purus eu mi blandit ullamcorper."
Your "Ask Luke" membership is ideal for you if you have ever asked yourself these questions
  • Where do I start?
  • Why does my patient's shoulder hurt?
  • Why is my treatment not working?
  • Am I missing something?
  • How do I explain a rotator cuff tear?
  • Should I load this sensitive shoulder?  
  • Is surgery really what's best?
  • I've got an idea but what will others think?
  • Jeez, I wish I had someone to help me right now?
If the very thought of a painful, weak mobile or stiff shoulder has your stomach churning and you're sick and tired of fumbling your way through using voodoo treatments and B.S. then this online community is for you!
Supercharge your thinking & shoulder rehab results...
One of my business mentors says... "get to the truth not the sale". It's changed the way I think about how I engage with my shoulder pain patients. I go deep... I seek to understand well before I discuss or prescribe any form of treatment.  Inside the membership, it is my hope you'll do the same. Drilling down to find the principles not just the techniques. 
Principles like:
  • 80/20
  • Systems thinking
  • Kinetic link principle 
  • Explain pain & perception
  • Natural History 
  • It's not all about their shoulder.
  • Your interaction often outweighs your intervention 
  • Thoughtless, fearless & effortless motion 
Join other like minded members
John Smith
"Insert Testimonial Here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam semper purus eu mi blandit ullamcorper."
John Smith
"Insert Testimonial Here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam semper purus eu mi blandit ullamcorper."
John Smith
"Insert Testimonial Here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam semper purus eu mi blandit ullamcorper."
Gain instant access to Luke's No B.S. attitude, his expertise, evidence base and experience and take the guesswork out of solving shoulder pain FAST! 
I limit access to the membership to keep the quality of coaching and support as high as possible. That's why we're closing the community to new members in...
You're so close to getting started. All you need to do now is decide whether you think I'm right for you. Just remember you can cancel anytime. No hard feelings. I'm not here to muck around either. I'm after high quality, dynamic, authentic No B.S. individuals looking to learn but also keep it real. 
If thinking differently, gaining new perspectives on shoulder physiotherapy, having fun, contributing, interacting and challenging the status quo are a priority for you right now then come join uus.
Memberships like this usually cost $499 USD per year. Because you are here now and ready to take action, it is now only $199 USD per year or $27 USD per month. 
No Setup Fees
No Long-Term Contracts
No Setup Fees
No Long-Term Contracts

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